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Organization & Leadership

WICE is a volunteer-run non-profit organisation registered in accordance with the French "Association Loi 1901" legislation.

The Board of Directors is responsible for defining and advancing WICE's mission and strengthening WICE’s image and reputation as a leading provider of cultural activities and continuing education for the international community in Paris.

Day-to-day operations are supported by a dedicated group of volunteers, diverse in age and nationality.

Organizational Structure

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Board of Directors

Mary Sipper


Mary Sipper was elected Board President in February 2016. Previously she was WICE Cultural Studies Director and Visual Arts Co-Director, positions she assumed upon joining WICE in 2015.   

An art historian and arts administrator with a long professional career in the arts world, Mary brings the many skills she has acquired through her work to help further WICE’s mission.  Prior to moving to Paris in 2012, Mary was with the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, DC, where she worked in grants management and provided technical assistance to organizations representing virtually every artistic discipline.  Previously she worked both in the non-profit sector and at the Smithsonian Institution, developing and coordinating traveling exhibitions and related programs, bringing art from international collections to American museums.  

Mary received a BFA in French and Art History from Tufts University in Boston and an MA in Art History from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.  She was on the executive board of the alumni association of the National Cathedral School in Washington, DC, and co-chaired its alumni annual giving program.  Mary enjoys writing and editing and has a good knowledge of French and Spanish, as well as some experience in translation.  Extra-curricular interests include travel, yoga and classical music, particularly singing.

Jan Titcombe

Vice President for Facilities and Administration

Jan Titcombe joined WICE in early 2015, became head of the Operations Team shortly thereafter and was elected to the Board of Directors later that year.  

She has lived in Paris since November 2014 but has been visiting for many years.  Jan was born in Sydney, Australia, but spent her growing up years as a Navy child changing countries and attending 12 schools in 12 years.  

She had a long professional career in managing corporate libraries in Australia and providing research to stockbrokers, investment bankers, engineers, lawyers and general management. Her roles were as diverse as the people she worked with and encompassed project management and data base analysis and implementation.  

Just before moving to Paris, Jan was with a not-for-profit military organization that was established in 1888. Her role encompassed managing the members, subscriptions and events, as well as the extensive military history library. She was responsible for updating many of the manual procedures and bringing the Royal United Services Institute of New South Wales, Incorporated, into the 21st century.  In her spare time, Jan also worked for a personal image/color consultant, running the office and occasionally helping with sales. 

Annie Milgram


Annie Milgram has been a member of the Board since 2013 and was appointed Treasurer the same year.  She joined WICE in 2012 and has taken several WICE courses. 

Before her involvement with WICE, Annie had a long career in Paris’s textile district, “Le Sentier,” where she was Directrice Commerciale for MIR MIL, a wholesaler of women’s ready-to-wear clothing.  She was with the company for 20 years, holding positions in accounting and sales.  Afterwards, Annie worked for several years in the international real estate industry, renting apartments in the Marais to American and British tourists.  She enjoyed working with Anglophone clients and joined WICE to continue the opportunity to speak English and interact with members of Paris’s international community.  

Although born in Grenoble, Annie has lived in Paris almost her entire life.  She enjoys playing bridge and golf. 

Daniel Smith

Secretary & Program Director

Daniel Smith joined WICE in 2011 as Volunteer Director of Visual Arts, retiring from a long career in “big business” both in France and the US. Although Dan's training and experience was in chemistry, mathematics, pharmaceutical science, computer technology and project management, he has always enjoyed Culture and Fine Arts. 

Dan has photographed most of his life, is a published photographer and has begun to discover the creativity and liberation of drawing including the art of the carnet de voyage. 

Living in Paris since 2004, Dan has taken an active role in WICE, joining the Board of Directors in 2012, organizing WICE Social Events, chairing the Operations Committee and participating in the Executive Committee. Dan enjoys defining and advancing WICE missions, supporting others to be successful, giving back to the international community in Paris and participating in Arts & Culture.

Veronica Kugler

Executive Committee Member 

Veronica Kugler was elected to the WICE Board in 2012.  She is currently a member of the Executive Committee and the Optimization Team, which was established in 2014 to create strategies to achieve WICE’s business goals.   She managed the WICE Blog from 2013 to 2015 and is a repeat participant in the Paris Writers’ Workshop.  

Veronica has a business and marketing background and has worked for telecommunications companies in the United States and France.  She worked in B2B sales account management at Pacific Bell, in San Francisco.  She also participated in Pacific Bell’s leadership development program.  She worked as a market research analyst at Southwestern Bell International and Dolphin Telecom, both in Paris.  

Veronica is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with degrees in Political Economy of Industrial Societies and French.  She also studied at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and completed a research project on the European Union at Princeton University.   Veronica has been a resident of Paris since 2010. 

Veronica Pollard

Membership Director

Veronica Pollard has been the Membership Director of WICE since being elected to the Board in 2015.  She has been an active participant in WICE’s French-English conversation groups since joining the organization in 2013, shortly after moving to Paris from New York.   

Veronica has had a long career in the corporate and non-profit worlds, having worked for media, entertainment and automotive companies, news organizations, and international humanitarian agencies.  Just prior to coming to Paris, she was Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and before that held a similar role at Save the Children.  

Her corporate positions include serving as Group Vice President of Corporate Communications for Toyota Motor North America, Inc., and Vice President of Corporate Public Relations for ABC, Inc.  Previously she was a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle and worked for Newsweek magazine and a Japanese public relations firm in Tokyo.  

Veronica has served on several non-profit boards, including the Museum for African Art in New York, the National YMCA of the USA and the New York Women’s Forum. She holds degrees from Boston University and Columbia University.

Jill Bourdais


Jill Bourdais has been a long-time member of the Board of Directors of WICE and has served WICE as a volunteer in many capacities.  She was President from 2007-2009 and has been a Program Director and Vice President and a member of several committees.  

Currently Jill is the WICE Ombudsman and leader of WICE Lite, a series of early-evening talks.  Long active in the English-speaking community of Paris where Jill has lived for many years, she has served on the boards of other local Anglophone organizations.  

She began her career in the world of journalism, researching and editing for both French and American magazines.  After obtaining advanced degrees in clinical psychology, she started a psychotherapy practice and is still active in that field, seeing clients and organizing workshops and forums.

Monique Amaudry-Jordan

Chair, Paris Writers' Workshop Committee    

Monique Amaudry-Jordan came to WICE in 2008.  She was elected President in 2009 and chaired the WICE Board and Executive Committee from 2009 – 2011.  She is currently chairing the Paris Writers’ Workshop Committee.  

A graduate of London Business School, Monique enjoyed a long career in journalism and corporate communications with international organizations in New York, Washington D.C., London and Paris and taught public relations at the American University of Paris.  She earned a diploma in literary translation from the University of London.  

Monique continues to serve on the WICE board to help WICE capitalize on its core mission in culture and continuing education and strengthen WICE’s image and reputation as a leading nonprofit association serving the international community in Paris.

Barbara Beck

Editor in Chief, “Upstairs at Duroc”    

Barbara Beck has been a member of the Board of WICE since 2009.   She joined WICE in 2000 and worked as a submissions reader on WICE’s literary magazine, “Upstairs at Duroc.”  In 2002, she became editor in chief and has overseen the publication of many issues. She has organized readings and other literary events around Paris and enjoys working with her team of volunteers.

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