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Year: 2017

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Sep 15 WS091- Bilingual books - Anne Enright, The Gathering (Retrouvailles)
Sep 19 ES191 WICE Open House 2017
Sep 26 SS261 - Exploring Paris Through the Lens
Sep 26 WS261 Writing Poetry - Craft and Inspiration
Sep 27 AS271 Introduction to Indian Painting
Sep 28 AS281 French War Brides: Mademoiselle and the American Soldier
Sep 29 SO061 - Contemporary Art Up-Close
Oct 02 WO021 Crafting the Short Story
Oct 03 SO032 - Painting Studio
Oct 04 SO041 - Drawing Studio
Oct 05 SO051 - Light & Exposure: Mastering Manual Mode
Oct 05 LO051 - Tasting of Bordeaux Grands Crus - the Right Bank
Oct 07 SO071 - Fearless Photography: Ten Tips to Better Photography
Oct 09 SO091 - Print Arts Workshop
Oct 11 WO111 Personal Essay/Memoir Workshop
Oct 12 VO121 - The New Camille Claudel Museum
Oct 13 WO131 -Bilingual books - Alecia McKenzie, Sweetheart (Trésor)
Oct 18 LO181 Thai Curry Fish with Exotic Fruit Salad, Coeur à la Crême Dessert
Oct 31 EO311 Apero with WICE
Nov 07 SN071 - Creative Photography: Inspired by the Masters
Nov 07 SN072 - Painting Studio
Nov 07 WN071 Writing Your First Novel
Nov 08 SN081 - Drawing Studio
Nov 09 VN091 - Parc de la Villette
Nov 09 SN091 - Creating a Website Using a Free Website Builder
Nov 09 LN091 - Wine and Cheese Tasting
Nov 10 WN101- Bilingual books - Joseph Boyden, Through Black Spruce (Les Saisons de la solitude)
Nov 11 SN111 - Street Photography: Telling stories
Nov 15 LN152 Stuffed Duck Legs, Potato/Turnip Galettes, Maxim's Famous Pears
Nov 15 VN151 - The Church and the Monastery of the Val de Grace and Its Fascinating Museum
Nov 22 SN221 - Paris by Night: A Festival of Colors and Light
Nov 25 SN251 - Portrait Photography Using Natural Light
Nov 27 VN271 - The Montagne Sainte Geneviève and the History of the Universities and Colleges of Paris
Dec 01 SD011 - Portfolio Review: Find Your Artistic Style
Dec 05 SD051 - Photo Exploration: Holiday Sparkle
Dec 07 LD071 - Pairing Champagne with Foie Gras
Dec 08 SD081 - The Art of Portrait in Studio
Dec 08 WD081- Bilingual books - Elena Ferrante, My Brilliant Friend (L'amie prodigieuse)
Dec 09 SD091 - The Secrets of Color and Black and White Photography
Dec 13 LD132 Scallops in Sabayon Sauce, Game Ragout & Wild Mushrooms, Chocolate Macaron Pine Cone
Dec 13 VD131 - The Jean Jacques Henner Museum

Events marked with a plus (  +  ) take place at the WICE Office, 10 rue Tiphaine, 75015 Paris. For all other events, please see the event detail page for location information.

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